Welcome, friends, to the Identity Christian Journey Course!

This is one of the best bible based cell group courses available.  It can be used as a year long study considering closure for school holidays.

This website is a supplement and support of the e-book Identity Christian Journey Level 1, which is available at the link below, or obtainable directly from the author.

Its purpose is to help you find your  IDENTITY as a Christian in life and in the body of Christ, but also to equip the individual with practical knowledge and wisdom.

Your purpose, your talents and your dreams have already been lined up with your future.  Start with the journey today and believe that you can be more than where you were yesterday.

The course contains the following:

1)  Introduction topic – fatherlessness, the modern trend, as well as the resolution to it.

2)  24 topics to grow, each one specially developed to suit both new and mature Christians

The worksheets are available free of charge here on the Downloads page.  Browse the other pages for more information.