My Passover Lamb

It was the other day. I felt sheepish going to meet King Jesus at our regular spot in my garden. Hardly was I there when I spilled the beans:

I had an argument with a colleague and lately it has been difficult in the office. I did not act the way I think a Christian should act. I told Him what I did wrong and how I am so inadequate. I thought of his promises and realized that I am incompetent as a person, because people would expect more from me. But even now I think one or two have been disappointed, so I disappointed myself and thought “I must have disappointed God equally; surely He thinks bad of me”.

One thing I learnt years ago, was that the best and quickest way to get rid of the guilt and bad feeling was to come to Jesus, to humble my heart and to ask for forgiveness after my confession. God is holy and our sin separates us from Him. There is nothing we can do to cross that bridge, only He can. His terms are the only ones legal in the Universe, because the King is holy.

Jesus stood next to me, because I could sense Him in my spirit. He was there as my Daddy, my Saviour and my First Love.

As soon as I finished my sentence asking for forgiveness, the guilt and shame disappeared from my soul. One second of grace meant his blood washed every part of my spirit and soul clean. I was startled. Yes, I have done this before many times, but what struck me is that Jesus didn’t say anything until after He cleansed me.

I quickly collected a picnic blanket and pillow from the house and lay down. Then His words came to me, in a gentle loving manor:
“You lack nothing. Psalm 23”.

I looked it up.

“Read it aloud, for yourself.”

I did, but at first I felt the words stood against me in accusation. But, God did give this, which means He does not accuse me. This was grace, hence it would be wrong of me to continue with negative thoughts against me if He just forgave me. So, I made the decision to accept it, in obedience to the King, and read it aloud.

This was a declaration over myself, not new at all, but so that my mind can catch up with what He has already done. Now, if the King of the Universe gives grace the rest of us just need to catch up.

The accuser knows this disconnect between our lack of understanding God’s grace. He exploits it. We just need to ignore human understanding sometimes and accept what God gives.

At Passover He became the perfect sacrifice. The price for sin is paid in full and nothing else is needed.

Will you now take part and feast in the victory over sin and eternal death? Come as you are, humble your heart unto the King of Love. Let Him wash your guilt away.

There is then no more condemnation. We all have fallen short, but once you have Jesus standing in the gap, you will lack nothing just as that Psalm 23 says.