Farm Murders – Pray!

It was only one minute I listened to the radio news today… 

I normally never listen or watch secular news. It is too negative and makes me negative too. If I cannot make a difference I don’t want to see this stuff everyday. But, today King Jesus decided I needed to listen to that station at that specific time.

In that minute the lady was reporting on farm murders in Souh Africa. This is a senseless killing spree going on for decades now, purely fueled by racism, revolutionary hate and self righteousness. (Funny how people can always rationalise their evildoing.)

“You need to intercede for this.”

I know that God will only ever ask me to do something deliberately for a good reason. It is almost election time and the violence is getting worse. This means the workers of unrighteousness plan more attacks.

In a way I feel hopeless, being a citizen of a city by the sea. I don’t have to live with this threat.

He showed me what people are going through. I saw a farmer’s wife, long flat hair, overweight with an 8 year old boy with blond curly hair. They are hiding behind a wall, she hugs him, terified. I could feel her terror and it shocked me. Where is her husband? On the field? Gunned down already? Trying to protect his family during night watch? She is scared for his safety as well.

What do I pray? I have to find a way. Pray practical! Think! Think! He wouldn’t ask me if I could not make a difference. I may not fail. 

This is what intercession is about and it is life or death matters.

Speak life, speak protection, speak divine intervention. I am crying for my country.  I speak protection over innocent people in Jesus’ Name.

I speak a de-escalation over violence. But this is not all. He showed me people inflaming others to do these hate crimes. I speak over them that they will be cut off, to pay for spilling innocemt blood with their sin on heir own heads (unless of King Jesus will show mercy to certain individuals.) Yes, this is harsh, but it cannot carry on like this. The ones inflaming others are carriers of a disease of hate and lies.

I ask the angels for a certain raid againsy the enemy (demons) in a certain place. I stretch out my hand towards the Northern areas and speak a difference.

I enter into JHWH’s court and brought my plea. The scripture says that He protects the innocent. He hears me, but I don’t stay for a verdict. I leave it in his hands.

I found it awkward to have to write this on my blog, it was His idea. Normally it is better to keep quiet as exposure on he battle field is not wise. Whatever the reason the King knows what He is doing. 

Most Christians are too wimpy to engaged into such battles. Others don’t have the faith to even think it can be real. Think whatever you will. I’ll rather be obedient, even if it puts my life in danger. I am God’s property, so I don’t fear harm. I experience God’s protection, despite ongoing attacks.

But, if you do have the faith that prayer makes a difference, even only a little bit, please pray. Try your faith, stretch it and pray for protection for innocent blood to be spared. Ask if you don’t know what to speak otherwise. 

Pray for the peace of South Africa.