One would have been enough…

…but we are thousands praying.

One thing we can do right in South Africa is having prayer chains. This must be one of the devil’s biggest headaches.
So we received this message about a satanic event and Saturday morning I jumped out of bed, ready to fight with intercession. I just started my intro and King Jesus stopped me.

“Don’t fight,” He said calm. “You can cancel everything afterwards. Just pray protection over the innocent people now.”

He showed me a few people through a vision. I see an angry teen and his heart broken mother, somewhere in Johannesburg.  Another few people flashed by as well. So I did. Then I had to wait for Monday evening.

It was very cold tonight and raining, but I had a duty. I know, even if I was praying alone it would have been sufficient, because your prayers are directly linked to your faith. Elijah was a man just like us and prayed ernestly and it did not rain for three years, so says James 5:17; the full story being in 1 Kings 17.  I had to stand strong.

Elijah lived holy, consecrated to God, stood for righteousness and applied faith. You can pray even when you are scared, but say out loud what you ought to! Life and death lies in your tongue.

The battle was not against any human, but against demonic forces alone. (Eph 6) Their plans of great victory and influence were canceled.

I saw angels in a vision flying to Johannesburg, each with a long lance with a big fiery ball at the front end of it. With that they went to bewilder the demons, burn their strongholds and prevent newcomers from entering through the new demonic portal.

I prayed restoration for that boy and his mother. God is there too.

And then it dawned on me: I am not alone. Thousands of my brothers and sisters are doing the same. (I didn’t realize so many were praying before the revelation!)

One would have been enough, two can take ten thousand, thousands of us stand behind millions of these fighting angels.

We’re an army.