A. Armour of God

As soldiers of God we cannot speak out on what is going on in the battle field in the heat of the battle, hence sometimes I won’t publish posts on this blog.  So, it actually mean that much is going on when I am quiet here.

I had to learn that the hard way – if you talk too much you can open up doors to the enemy and end up in unnecessary conflict or spiritual battles.  Even worse, if you speak out about an outcome or change in circumstances your words can help the devil to prevent or delay your victory.  How this works is that your words release a situation, a revelation or just exposes you in the spiritual realm with its numerous dimensions.  God has placed these dimensions to protect you and a big mouth causes you harm.  this is why mature Christians will speak less about situations and only address things as necessary.

Likewise God has given us the instruction to add an armour to ourselves for protection.  If you do not pray for your own protection you will be affected more with each attack.  You can find yourself for example reacting with anger to someone pushing your buttons, whereas you would have responded better if you had your armour on and being in a spiritual mindset.

Yes, this is correct, the armour of God we read about in Ephesians 6 is a model of what to do.  This is a well-known passage Eph 6:10-18 and you need to do this every day.

We need to understand that the armour does not work on its own, because verse 10 states “be strong”.  Can I add “…and of good courage”?  We ought to grow and get closer to God, so that we become stronger and gain confidence and courage.

Secondly, verse 18 reminds us to pray all time.  If you can pray with a humble heart it will be easy to kneel down – that special condition of power and esteem in the Kingdom of God – yeh, on your knees!

Then, one more thing.  To put the armour on according to this model is about being practical, not a ritual.  And to prove this is to see that in 1 Thes 5 Paul actually changed the outfit.  So, yes, if the Holy Spirit leads you to change something it is OK.  God cannot be put in a box.

Since we as children of God are not religious we still put on the armour everyday because we are responsible and practical.  We also do this out of obedience because Daddy said so and He will always wants the best for us.

So, here is the armour I put on everyday, which King Jesus told me to put on.  I give this to you, so that you can look at this with new eyes and think broader than the same old rhetoric you heard in the past:

Belt of Truth (King Jesus is the Truth for me);   Breastplate of Righteousness;   Boots of Willingness;  Leg Guards called Goodness (left) and Mercy (right);  Arm guards of the Fruit of the Spirit;  Gloves of Holiness;  Helmet of Salvation;  Shield of Faith.

And then the first line weapon of choice is still the Sword of the Spirit (Word of God).

Yes, the Lord has shown me what this all look like and I was surprised that it was not like an old Roman outfit, but that I rather looked dressed like a modern day soldier. The colour was shiny charcoal, except for the sword, which has a fancy golden handle and glowing fiery silver blade.  I would guess the blade is about 90cm long.

It is not an issue if you have not seen yourself all dressed up, one day you will.  What is more important is what you do with it all.