B. Armoury of God

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We have a number of weapons as children of God.  Each one is powerful and just like in the natural world you would use a weapon for a specific situation.  The only way to know exactly what to use is to be totally Spirit-filled.  This means that when you enter a situation of conflict, either natural or spiritual (e.g. prayer, intercession), then you first need to get into a state where you focus on God, open up your heart to the Holy Spirit and to submit to his gentle love and care.

“My people perish for a lack of knowledge”.  Hosea 4:6 – we all know this and know it is true.  You ask what knowledge and what must I do?  Here is part of the answer.  Please study and equip yourself.  Let others know too.

In no particular order, let us look at some weapons.  Please remember that the spiritual realm can be very different from the natural realm, so some things can be a powerful weapon in the spiritual, but otherwise seem illogical as a weapon in the natural.  One example is Love.

  1.  Love is a powerful weapon and let me explain why:  When there are demons provoking someone to do you harm, or to hurt a relationship, then it is expected that you would react in a certain way based on anger.  Within seconds the situation escalates and a fight breaks out.  You might think that when this is between two people that they are just immature, but do not forget that provokation and reaction is equally rampant in politics and during war.  Do not shrug this off – people can die!  Each one that dies and goes to hell is a gain for satan and a loss to the Kingdom.  Each one that gets killed in a rage leaves suffering loved ones behind.  Each victim of emotional hurt may be driven away from a loving God.  So, Love can deescalate a situation quickly.  Love can also lift up a broken spirit, e.g. preventing someone from suicide.
  2. The Word of God – the sword of the spirit it is called in Eph 6.  The Word of God can stop a lie in its tracks.  A word of the Holy Spirit can calm the nerves, i.e. to drive out fear and to bring courage. You can surely think of many more examples.  The important thing here to remember is that it is not about head knowledge, but to be filled with the Spirit, so that you would know exactly which bible verse to refer to in which situation.  You can only get this 100% correct if you are filled by God’s Spirit, otherwise your answers will be religious.  Religion brings bondage, but the Spirit-filled Word of God brings life into a being.
  3. Truth – The truth shall surely set you free.   The truth never needs to explain itself, it is either accepted or rejected.  When you bring truth and it is not accepted you can surely explain how it all works if you wish, but most importantly is just to mention what the consequences are should the person not listen.  I believe that every person knows when they hear the truth, that it is the truth, whether they choose to accept or reject it.  So, do not explain the truth, it speaks for itself.  The disobedient will find out the hard way and the wise will quickly learn that they have escaped calamity in time.
  4. The Name of Jesus, the Christ.  Everything we command is in the Name of King Jesus.  There is only one Name that is above all else and every demon has to bend his knee before this Name.  Deliverance can only ever work by using the precious Name of Jesus.  As his children God allows us to drive out demons and to command change in the spiritual and natural in the Name of Jesus the Christ.   All power and might was given to Him as he rose from the dead, ref. Matt 28:18 and Mark 16:17.
  5. Faith:  Like Love, Faith may not be obvious as a weapon, but it is a great neutralizer for the effects of fear and doubt.  Doubt and lies are still the enemy’s strongest weapons and faith works like a neutralizing spray getting rid of bad odours.  At the end you only smell the roses of the neutralizing spray. 🙂  Fear and doubt just disappears before the cloud of faith.  This is why you need to build up your faith with a cloud of witnesses in the Kingdom.
  6. Prayer:  This one is the enemy’s biggest fear.  You as a child of God can pray anything, as long as it is in the will of God.  As we enjoy freedom the opportunities are vast.  True that some prayers are more effective than others and here is where you need to grow in your relationship with the King. As you get closed to Him your prayers will get closer to the target until they are usually spot on.  To pray is to ask, to plead and to do intercession.  Eze 22:30-31 explains how a just God was looking for an intercessor to stand in the gap for Israel, but there was nobody.  You and I need to take things seriously!  You praying may be like an attorney standing in the Courtroom before a Consuming Fire and your intercession may save lives from destruction and a community from being thrown into the sea of forgetfulness. Your intercession may change God’s mind, like what Abraham did in Gen 18:20-33.  Tread carefully, but do not neglect your responsibility!
  7. Action (Acts of Faith): Have you seen a bad situation and then one day someone does something seemingly small which snowballs into a major liberation?  This is not that uncommon.  To look at the big things is memorial, like Martin Luther starting the Reformation by hammering his 95 thesis against the Wittenberg Castle Church 500 years ago.  This act was like a bomb exploding in the spiritual.  Think of Martin Luther King in America and the Mighty Mens Conferences here in South Africa.  An Act of Faith is like dropping a bomb – it releases tremendous power in a short time.  A good biblical example was when David walked onto the battle field to face Goliath.  It started with his decision to address what is wrong.  Then he got filled by the Holy Spirit with supernatural courage and strength and whilst hardened soldiers almost wet their pants from fear a boy walked out to fight with no fear at all.  It always starts with that decision of doing the right thing ignoring scary consequences should things go wrong.  Sometimes it also mean of changing a bad situation or speaking a change of direction.  Speaking in Jesus Name is not prayer, it is taking an action on behalf of the Living God.  David made a habit of this and God loved him for that. I once stated to a dear young man “On behalf of..(his late father)..I apologize for…” and as I said it I saw an explosion in the spiritual.  For a split second my eyes opened and I could see angels and demons there on the beach and all of them looked at me for that moment being startled.  It was an explosion of God’s power.  Instead of criticism, complaining and speaking death, change your thinking and speak life into the situation and over the guilty party.  Speak it such as if you are creating a new reality.  God has created the universe with speech and we as his children can also do this, to a level of power in the tongue each one can be trusted with.

This post was long, but please study this as with the knowledge of God and his Word you can save many lives and prevent much spiritual decay.