Like Elijah, Ahab and the Baal priests…

South Africa is at cross roads.

Our country is in a spiritual and moral disaray as never seen before.  Our government is divided, our cabinet in turmoil.  Rape, murder and lawlessness is part of daily life.  There is no milk and honey for the large poor majority, and people do not know what will come of them.

This is the result of liberal and self-centered forces that has eroded our Christian heritage.  What these arrogant decision makers forget is that without God we are nothing.  Prosperity was not stolen from anyone 300, 400 years ago – it was by grace of God: hard work and unified obedience to God and country that brought it around.

It is simple – the blessings and curses are stated in Deut 28-30.  Ancient Israel has given us a biblical record of how to and how not to do it.  God has put the bible there for our own good.

Now, today we find ourselves where King Jesus is his abundant grace has set out a special day for the Christians in South Africa (and all others) to attend a day of atonement.  It is in Bloemfontein, the geographical center of the country.  It is exactly 5×40 days after Rosh Hashanna, His New Year.  It is facilitated with the greatest evangelist, uncle Angus.

It is like Elijah, king Ahab and the Baal priests at Mount Carmel.

Please be there, because this is the most important day in modern times for our country.