People for Your Future

One of the most known facts in the bible is how David and Jonathan loved each other.  Right after David won the battle with Goliath the bible speaks about their relationship.

Read 1 Sam 18, 1 Sam 19:2-6, 1 Sam 20:41-42.

Today some has suggested that they had a homosexual relationship, but this is not the case, because God would not say in some scriptures that He is against homosexual sex and in another scripture point out the same as being good.  God is holy, He is consistent and He is royal.

Jonathan was a gift God gave David to prepare him for his kingship.  David was about 15 years old and Jonathan was 42. They were more like father and son.

Remember that when Samuel had to annoint a new king Jesse didn’t bother to call David to the meeting? (1 Sam 16)  David also wrote in Psalm 27 that his parents left him. This was the only thing he ever said about their relationship. Jonathan loved David as his own and the latter really appreciated the fatherly attention he never got.

Jonathan recognized that David had it in him to be the next king, something that the nation needed. Jonathan was sharp in the spirit and a real child of God, which is why he loved David like his own son and prepared him for his future.

For 14 years Jonathan trained David daily guidance in how to act in the royal court and how to fight.

Surely David fought Goliath with a slingshot, but there was a time to grow up and take the sword. Jonathan trained David with his own sword he gave him.

You and I have Jonathans in our lives, the spiritual parents, brothers and sisters to let us grow up. When God gave Jonathan to David as a gift he grabbed his gift with open arms and committed without restraint. David was eager to commit with a covenant, because a loving prince has picked him up and drew him in.

Jonathan protected David, vouched for him. He guided him, gave him advice and strengthened him.

God has given you Jonathans too, so do you commit to them? Are you obedient or do you complain and be naughty behind their backs?  Do you listen to the authority God gave you as a gift?

Read 1 Cor 4:6-16.

Every parent knows that you need to make many sacrifices for your children, that it often goes unnoticed, unrewarded. Just like the apostle Paul did Jonathan as the senior one pay a big price to let those under them grow and advance. Jonathan was supposed to be the next king, yet he did not hate David for receiving the kingship from God.  Jonathan submitted to God and did his best to help God’s nation to get what they needed.

The ultimate price, the biggest one by far, was paid by the One who had to sacrifice the most, King Jesus.   He gave it all so that we could live, could excel and let others be saved too.

God gave a prince to David to teach him with intense love.  King Jesus gives his children, princes and princesses to you and me to let us grow into victory and to rule in our day and age. We are to rule over nature, over the spiritual and also in the natural. Yes, we are to rule in our communities, our city and our nation.  It starts in the spiritual and flows over to the natural.

We want God to bless us, but we often do not see that God’s way of living is the opposite of the world. The world models after Satan, which is try to take what is not yours and coerce, manipulate, lie, steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10.

If we want to grow, we need to grow up as well. 1 Pet 5:1-8. 1 Joh 2:12-14.

When we grow up we need to become the fathers and mothers to others. Like a natural parent this also comes with sacrifices, sometimes unnoticed and without reward.

David was very thankful for the man God put in his life to teach and love him. We need to have the gratitude like David. We can only be successful if we are obedient. Remember the 5th commandment, because this applies to your spiritual parents and all other authority God placed over you.

To honour your physical and spiritual parents are both requirements for prosperity, to enter into your promised land. This is the promise for possession, freedom, peace and multiplication.

God wants us to prosper, it is all over the bible. You can read a favourite here, Jer 29:11.  Let us stand up and take our stance as children of God, as obedient sons and daughters of the house.

In Deut 28 there are blessings and curses and we need to take note of both, because we do not preach a prosperity gospel.  Yet, for today, I release the positive over you, so go read these blessing now over yourself and take your life on with a renewed positive attitude.