SA! God’s says, “I’ve got this!”

On a day of a turning point in SA, we need to remember that He is still in control.

“God’s rhema is always simple. In Isaiah 55:8 I say that My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts. None of you have any idea how big My plans are.

You can survive the coming times, but you need to be Spirit-filled. JHWH wants you to be careful of not giving up, to keep on believing. Therefore, you need to be careful and fear God in everything we do.

There is a direct spiritual link between this message and the SA Day of Remembrance, 21 April 2017 (Referring to It’s Time event, organized by Uncle Angus Buchan).

You must speak up. My children, you must recognize all things for their spiritual nature. When I instruct you to do something at BREAKPOINT, you must act.

You need to decide to think those things above and not on the earth. Decide no compromises from now on!

I love you,
You father, Jesus”

For the full message please click on the sermons page and read the sermon released today, which was given 12 March 2017 in our church, Beulah Ministries Touching Jesus in Uitenhage.