My footsteps are ordained by my Dad

Psalm 37 has special meaning to me. In 2009, my most challenging year, I was at such a low point, I couldn’t read my bible as it hurt too much. Every promise and blessing felt like an eternity away. Then, my spiritual father of that time and a spiritual mother not related to him both gave me Psalm 37. For five weeks I only read that, being a single thread my life depended on.

Yet, I’ve learnt more from this Psalm after the fact. I have seen in practice how King Jesus could and would lead my footsteps without me even realizing, as stated in verse 23.  As always, the bible confirms itself, herewith in Proverbs 20:24.

This is when you may find yourself in the right spot at a certain time, being at a place just in time for something important,  meeting someone needing you at the same time as they arrive, or just bringing a message fitting in perfectly with another Christian.

In our church we pastors never talk to each other about what we are going to preach next, but the Holy Spirit always leads us with messages fitting in perfectly with each other.

It is a common occurrence for me now to be at the right time in the right place. It can be for you too. So, how do I make this happen, you may ask.

Firstly, surrender to the Holy Spirit. It starts with a decision. Then you remind yourself to be sensitive to how He would lead you. Be calm inside, let go of your own schemes and resign to the fact that God may lead you sovereignly.

Ask Him about all the big decisions, but also the small ones. Even if you want a new pair of shoes or jeans, ask, wait and let God lead you at the right time. You may just walk into the right shop, get the perfect fitting item and on special. This is what leading your footsteps are. (Wow, it happened again the day after I posted this for the first time.)

You may just walk into the right person who can open up doors for your future you’ve been praying about so long.

But God also expects you to make good habits, like going to a church every weekend, to pay your tithe every month, to bless and give to others joyfully. How can we expect Him to bless us, if we have a closed hand?

Our humulity and willingness to submit and be led will determine the speed we proceed with. The more I give and surrender the more I will be led.  Once you see it in practise the more you will want to continue. It becomes simple.

Then you peace increases,  because you know you can trust the Holy Spirit and those around you start to befenit. It is a win-win situation.

So, pray and ask King Jesus today to help you to start this journey today, to lead you, to show you and for the courage not to give up at any time. Join mature Christians, to guide you along the way as well.

Be blessed.