Halloween, wolf in sheep’s clothes.

Halloween is evil, it is not an innocent holiday. What you think of it is not revelant, because there are forces bigger at work here.

Halloween is the most holiday for satanists and it is thousands of years old.  I do not have to reiterate what many bible scholars have said, so I inlcude three links here, here and here. There are many more on the internet including YouTube.

What I do want to focus on is that from Genesis to Revelation the bible gives exactly the same message (see the first link): divination is forbidden, honouring the dead (forefather worship) is forbidden, calling up spirits is forbidden and entangling yourself in these will make you go to hell.  The bible says this.

I don’t want you to go to hell.

We children of God can also not allow the satanic attack on South Africa. A good example is the so-called art exibition at Grantleigh school outside Richard’s Bay. This is purely satanic, blasphemy of the Holy God of heaven and the principle and school are like puppies sucking up to this lie. God is dipicted as a clown, it is disgusting and disrespectful and distasteful.

I cannot allow this as a priest of God.

Consulting with the King, He called me on Sunday evening to address his court: to plea to contain this matter. Contain has the military meaning here. So I did. (This was just after my first new church meeting at my house.)

Today, 30 October at sunset the plea comes into place.  All forces, evil and compromised, is contained by the armies of heaven. This is all out war, but as all authority in heaven and earth has been given to King Jesus (Mat 28:18), we win.

Today accompanies 5 times of the blowing of the ram’s horn, which was to call up the angels. The first time, 07h00, for the scouts, an hour later for the second group to secure the Christian ministries. At 17h00 they wrapped up at the blow of the horn and at 18h00 the calling up of the armies in full armour. Thousands of angels came in their divisions and my spiritual mommy and I prayed and blow the horn. At 18h10 sunset came in Richard’s Bay, but the armies were released excatly on time. Sunset is the start of the next day, according to Genesis 1, which is still valid in the spiritual realm. A fifth time later closed off the blowing of the ram’s horn according to the instruction given.

The kingdom of darness will not advance their influence in Christian schools or churches.  It was stopped.

Then again, remember that thousands of Christians prayed, this is an army of annointing, fire and smoke. The prayers of the saints made the above possible, the armies of the King so huge in SA. These prayers and the righteousness of the saints sanctifies the ground, opening up portals for the angels to work. It gives God legal right to help us. Every action and event needs a legal reason in the spiritual realm,  nothing just happens.

So, I want to encourage you. You need to believe God. Have faith, we will take this country back. Keep on praying, keep on standing and keep on doing what is right.

We shall win.