One would have been enough…

…but we are thousands praying.

One thing we can do right in South Africa is having prayer chains. This must be one of the devil’s biggest headaches.
So we received this message about a satanic event and Saturday morning I jumped out of bed, ready to fight with intercession. I just started my intro and King Jesus stopped me.

“Don’t fight,” He said calm. “You can cancel everything afterwards. Just pray protection over the innocent people now.”

He showed me a few people through a vision. I see an angry teen and his heart broken mother, somewhere in Johannesburg.  Another few people flashed by as well. So I did. Then I had to wait for Monday evening.

It was very cold tonight and raining, but I had a duty. I know, even if I was praying alone it would have been sufficient, because your prayers are directly linked to your faith. Elijah was a man just like us and prayed ernestly and it did not rain for three years, so says James 5:17; the full story being in 1 Kings 17.  I had to stand strong.

Elijah lived holy, consecrated to God, stood for righteousness and applied faith. You can pray even when you are scared, but say out loud what you ought to! Life and death lies in your tongue.

The battle was not against any human, but against demonic forces alone. (Eph 6) Their plans of great victory and influence were canceled.

I saw angels in a vision flying to Johannesburg, each with a long lance with a big fiery ball at the front end of it. With that they went to bewilder the demons, burn their strongholds and prevent newcomers from entering through the new demonic portal.

I prayed restoration for that boy and his mother. God is there too.

And then it dawned on me: I am not alone. Thousands of my brothers and sisters are doing the same. (I didn’t realize so many were praying before the revelation!)

One would have been enough, two can take ten thousand, thousands of us stand behind millions of these fighting angels.

We’re an army.

Farm Murders – Pray!

It was only one minute I listened to the radio news today… 

I normally never listen or watch secular news. It is too negative and makes me negative too. If I cannot make a difference I don’t want to see this stuff everyday. But, today King Jesus decided I needed to listen to that station at that specific time.

In that minute the lady was reporting on farm murders in Souh Africa. This is a senseless killing spree going on for decades now, purely fueled by racism, revolutionary hate and self righteousness. (Funny how people can always rationalise their evildoing.)

“You need to intercede for this.”

I know that God will only ever ask me to do something deliberately for a good reason. It is almost election time and the violence is getting worse. This means the workers of unrighteousness plan more attacks.

In a way I feel hopeless, being a citizen of a city by the sea. I don’t have to live with this threat.

He showed me what people are going through. I saw a farmer’s wife, long flat hair, overweight with an 8 year old boy with blond curly hair. They are hiding behind a wall, she hugs him, terified. I could feel her terror and it shocked me. Where is her husband? On the field? Gunned down already? Trying to protect his family during night watch? She is scared for his safety as well.

What do I pray? I have to find a way. Pray practical! Think! Think! He wouldn’t ask me if I could not make a difference. I may not fail. 

This is what intercession is about and it is life or death matters.

Speak life, speak protection, speak divine intervention. I am crying for my country.  I speak protection over innocent people in Jesus’ Name.

I speak a de-escalation over violence. But this is not all. He showed me people inflaming others to do these hate crimes. I speak over them that they will be cut off, to pay for spilling innocemt blood with their sin on heir own heads (unless of King Jesus will show mercy to certain individuals.) Yes, this is harsh, but it cannot carry on like this. The ones inflaming others are carriers of a disease of hate and lies.

I ask the angels for a certain raid againsy the enemy (demons) in a certain place. I stretch out my hand towards the Northern areas and speak a difference.

I enter into JHWH’s court and brought my plea. The scripture says that He protects the innocent. He hears me, but I don’t stay for a verdict. I leave it in his hands.

I found it awkward to have to write this on my blog, it was His idea. Normally it is better to keep quiet as exposure on he battle field is not wise. Whatever the reason the King knows what He is doing. 

Most Christians are too wimpy to engaged into such battles. Others don’t have the faith to even think it can be real. Think whatever you will. I’ll rather be obedient, even if it puts my life in danger. I am God’s property, so I don’t fear harm. I experience God’s protection, despite ongoing attacks.

But, if you do have the faith that prayer makes a difference, even only a little bit, please pray. Try your faith, stretch it and pray for protection for innocent blood to be spared. Ask if you don’t know what to speak otherwise. 

Pray for the peace of South Africa.


My Passover Lamb

It was the other day. I felt sheepish going to meet King Jesus at our regular spot in my garden. Hardly was I there when I spilled the beans:

I had an argument with a colleague and lately it has been difficult in the office. I did not act the way I think a Christian should act. I told Him what I did wrong and how I am so inadequate. I thought of his promises and realized that I am incompetent as a person, because people would expect more from me. But even now I think one or two have been disappointed, so I disappointed myself and thought “I must have disappointed God equally; surely He thinks bad of me”.

One thing I learnt years ago, was that the best and quickest way to get rid of the guilt and bad feeling was to come to Jesus, to humble my heart and to ask for forgiveness after my confession. God is holy and our sin separates us from Him. There is nothing we can do to cross that bridge, only He can. His terms are the only ones legal in the Universe, because the King is holy.

Jesus stood next to me, because I could sense Him in my spirit. He was there as my Daddy, my Saviour and my First Love.

As soon as I finished my sentence asking for forgiveness, the guilt and shame disappeared from my soul. One second of grace meant his blood washed every part of my spirit and soul clean. I was startled. Yes, I have done this before many times, but what struck me is that Jesus didn’t say anything until after He cleansed me.

I quickly collected a picnic blanket and pillow from the house and lay down. Then His words came to me, in a gentle loving manor:
“You lack nothing. Psalm 23”.

I looked it up.

“Read it aloud, for yourself.”

I did, but at first I felt the words stood against me in accusation. But, God did give this, which means He does not accuse me. This was grace, hence it would be wrong of me to continue with negative thoughts against me if He just forgave me. So, I made the decision to accept it, in obedience to the King, and read it aloud.

This was a declaration over myself, not new at all, but so that my mind can catch up with what He has already done. Now, if the King of the Universe gives grace the rest of us just need to catch up.

The accuser knows this disconnect between our lack of understanding God’s grace. He exploits it. We just need to ignore human understanding sometimes and accept what God gives.

At Passover He became the perfect sacrifice. The price for sin is paid in full and nothing else is needed.

Will you now take part and feast in the victory over sin and eternal death? Come as you are, humble your heart unto the King of Love. Let Him wash your guilt away.

There is then no more condemnation. We all have fallen short, but once you have Jesus standing in the gap, you will lack nothing just as that Psalm 23 says.

God does not disappoint

We are receiving much rain. There is no drought for these areas I mentioned and it is obvious it will be a wet year.
Everybody’s prayers for South Africa helped as the country recovers from the drought.

We say thank you to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Praise to his holy name!

Rain for South Africa

South Africa is currently experiencing a terrible drought in most parts of the country. This is a national disaster with many towns running out of water, livestock dying and debt stricken farmers feeling hopeless. In my city, Port Elizabeth, we had good rain in 2015, but even for our metereological system forecasts of doom appeared recently.  This is my testimony how I interceded for rain here and I hope that you will consider doing the same exactly where you live.

Firstly, as a Christian I asked why SA is experiencing such a drought? (I beleive in the bible, the blessings and curses of Deut 28+, the validity of the 2 Sam 21 and 1 Kings 17 droughts for today).  It is a simple question, but important to ask. Why is it that we can we pray for rain, but never ask God why it happened in the first place?

God answered, stating there are two reasons: Firstly, there is a curse of innocent blood on the land. This means all innocent blood shed is standing against us in the Court of Heaven. God has it against the government for allowing innocent blood, through poor governance against crime, as well as allowing abortion on demand. The latter has a bigger magnitude than the former.  Secondly, spoken curses over the land: This includes all negativity released by people for whatever reason they do it – curses, sin, even Christians speaking death by being careless when they comment on how bad the drought WILL BE IN TIME TO COME.

I was looking for intercessors in other provinces, so that we could break the curses together, but only one of my own friends responded in October. The curses and teritorial and must be broken with at least one person doing it in each province. The problem is that the metereological systems in the country are across our internal borders, hence we need to work together – if some will not work together the rest will have a hard time breaking through. Where I live, the weather comes from the direction of Cape Town, Western Cape to us the the Eastern Cape.

During a short trip to the Western Cape I saw a news flash against a pole regarding us in the South expecting drought as well. Leaving Oudtshoorn, I said, “Lord, I come up against this drough!” (Translating my Afrikaans as per the intention it meant I rebel against this drought and against accepting it.)  So, the Lord revealed to me what to do, but first I had to come into his presence and repent of any uncleanness, to be washed clean by His blood, so that I can be blameless. God cannot accept any prayer or intercession from me if I am not perfect before Him, and only Jesus’ blood washes one clean. How wonderful to stand clean before the King of Kings! How great is God’s grace!

I  had to stop at the T-junction 30km South of the town, get out of my car and do this as per His instruction: “Spit on the ground”. I did, but so that nobody could see me, because it might look rude.  I remembered Jesus spitting on the ground when he healed someone’s sight and realized He gave a piece of himself, being blameless and holy. As his child I was obedient, though felt a bit shy.

“Forgive them for their sin,” meaning the bloodshed.  I was scared, because this sounded like blasphemy. How can God tell me this? I know that as his children we need to speak on behalf of Him today, but this caught me out. I must be honest, I just said “May God forgive this province for the bloodshed.”

I did have the confidence to speak freedom from the verbal curses and cancel them, because I’ve done this many times.  Driving on, an hour later, in the Langkloof, I stopped again, seeing some fires in the nearby mountains. But on the way there I realized that I did not do the instruction properly and the curse from the bloodshed did not lift. I got out of the car put my hand in the air and stated loudlly, that in the Name of King Jesus, I forgive the province for its sin of innocent bloodshed, to declare the nature free from the curse. I called up the humidity from the sea and declared that clouds need to form, to make rain.  (This does not mean that those individuals are off the hook for their sin, they will still get their Judgement. We are talking about the ramnifications of sin on the land.)

Remember that God controls the time. (” Whatever you ask…” does not mean you will get it immediately, He controls the time.)

I had to do exactly the same back in the Eastern Cape and then I realized that the curses can only be broken when you are staning within the border of the province, but that the weather systems are linked cross-border. I also realized that God so loved us that He even gave the recipe of preventing and stopping drought. I must say I was reluctant to share this happening on 2 Jan 2016, because I could not find mature intercessors in other provinces till date, as if people were ignoring me.

I wonder who asks God about the reason for the drought before they pray, or whether just pray out of need. Surely God hears his children crying for help, but as He is a holy God it is a problem if a curse stands between us and Him. You must remove the curse before you can enjoy the biblical blessings in your life.

This goes for everything. The question I have for you, is what are you going to do now, since you read this?



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