Halloween, wolf in sheep’s clothes.

Halloween is evil, it is not an innocent holiday. What you think of it is not revelant, because there are forces bigger at work here.

Halloween is the most holiday for satanists and it is thousands of years old.  I do not have to reiterate what many bible scholars have said, so I inlcude three links here, here and here. There are many more on the internet including YouTube.

What I do want to focus on is that from Genesis to Revelation the bible gives exactly the same message (see the first link): divination is forbidden, honouring the dead (forefather worship) is forbidden, calling up spirits is forbidden and entangling yourself in these will make you go to hell.  The bible says this.

I don’t want you to go to hell.

We children of God can also not allow the satanic attack on South Africa. A good example is the so-called art exibition at Grantleigh school outside Richard’s Bay. This is purely satanic, blasphemy of the Holy God of heaven and the principle and school are like puppies sucking up to this lie. God is dipicted as a clown, it is disgusting and disrespectful and distasteful.

I cannot allow this as a priest of God.

Consulting with the King, He called me on Sunday evening to address his court: to plea to contain this matter. Contain has the military meaning here. So I did. (This was just after my first new church meeting at my house.)

Today, 30 October at sunset the plea comes into place.  All forces, evil and compromised, is contained by the armies of heaven. This is all out war, but as all authority in heaven and earth has been given to King Jesus (Mat 28:18), we win.

Today accompanies 5 times of the blowing of the ram’s horn, which was to call up the angels. The first time, 07h00, for the scouts, an hour later for the second group to secure the Christian ministries. At 17h00 they wrapped up at the blow of the horn and at 18h00 the calling up of the armies in full armour. Thousands of angels came in their divisions and my spiritual mommy and I prayed and blow the horn. At 18h10 sunset came in Richard’s Bay, but the armies were released excatly on time. Sunset is the start of the next day, according to Genesis 1, which is still valid in the spiritual realm. A fifth time later closed off the blowing of the ram’s horn according to the instruction given.

The kingdom of darness will not advance their influence in Christian schools or churches.  It was stopped.

Then again, remember that thousands of Christians prayed, this is an army of annointing, fire and smoke. The prayers of the saints made the above possible, the armies of the King so huge in SA. These prayers and the righteousness of the saints sanctifies the ground, opening up portals for the angels to work. It gives God legal right to help us. Every action and event needs a legal reason in the spiritual realm,  nothing just happens.

So, I want to encourage you. You need to believe God. Have faith, we will take this country back. Keep on praying, keep on standing and keep on doing what is right.

We shall win.



The Armour of God (what no-one ever told you)

One of the biggest secrets of spiritual protection is the Armour of God, most notably in Ephesians 6. As verse 12 rightly states:

“Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual matters of wickedness in the heavenlies.” (TS2009)

Note also 2 Corinthians 10:5, which clearly indicates we are in a war. Considering all the persecution of Christians in the world and the persecution of Christian beliefs it is clear that the battle in not against human flesh.

Grimly, realise this, if you call yourself a Christian: Ignoring the Spiritual realm will ensure you becoming cold and irrelevant in the Kingdom.  There are too many churches caught up in activities and rituals. Come out of those asleep around you!

You need to put the Armour on every day, because you cannot see all the spiritual attacks. God will also not reveal them all to you, which is why He gave us the Armour. The good news is that you can pray this over other people too, as many of us discovered. You can also customize it, which is biblical.

Firstly, like ANY OTHER true Christian dogma, it must also have its roots in the Old Testament. Jesus and the Apostles never started a new cult, hence your dogma must always be subjugated to the harmonization of both OT and NT.

The battles started before Genesis 3, the fall of Mankind, which was due to a victory from Satan’s side over Adam and Eve. From there on it has been a struggle for us. But God has foreseen it all and Jesus came and paid the full price so that we can enter the Kingdom. This does not make you immune to attacks and like any soldier, you need to put your protection on DAILY.  Ephesians 6 and other scriptures confirms the ongoing attacks, therefore we need to be ready.

Firstly, please read Psalm 34:7. Even God gives protection. (David wrote many times about God being his shield.)

Now read Isaiah 59:17:

“And He put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of deliverance on His head. And He put on garments of vengeance for clothing, and wrapped Himself with ardour as a mantle.” (TS2009).

More great OT scriptures are: Genesis 15:1, Exodus 28:29, Deuteronomy 33:29, Isaiah 61:10, Zechariah 3:4 and others not listed here.

Now, Paul aslo refers to the Armour as one of Light in Romans 13:12. This fits with the many verses of being in the Light both in the OT and the NT, widening the concept of protection we need and our dependency on the entire Bible.

Do you understand it is much bigger than slapping on a few nice things they taught in Sunday School?

Now, note Thessalonians 5:5-9 and put Ephesians 6 next to it. Paul writes about the breastplate of Righteousness in the one, and a breastplate of Faith and Love in the other scripture.  Likewise,  a helmet of Salvation is listed in Ephesians and a helmet of Hope/Expectation in Thessalonians. Then in Colossians 3:14 he talks about putting on Love as a bond of perfection.

Did Paul get confused or are his instructions showing that a) one can adapt to circumstances and b) there are options?

Many Christians never read past Epeshians and critize (judge?) anyone who changes or adds something. Many Christians looked at me as if I was a heretic because I told them God said I need more protection. Well, the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to my spirit one morning on the way to work and said, this is not the Roman times, you need protection like a modern soldier. I got a fright and I can recall where I was driving and the moment clearly.

But, God is always right. I never knew I could add anything, because I never paid attention to the other scriptures. So, He gave me more items because I asked what to add.

I doubt that one dressed sparsely as a Roman soldier could be effective on a modern battle field.  I still use all of Ephesians 6 says, because Paul states what works and in an eloquent way. There is nothing wrong with it. Maybe I need more because I am a problem child or something. You are free to add more, as long as you add Biblically sound concepts, holy values or the Fruit of the Spirit.

To explain how it works in the spiritual realm, being somewhat poetic too:

For anyone dressing up in the Armour would know, it does not sit loose on you, each item embeds itself onto you and becomes part of you. You brand yourself with the armour. But the constant attacks wears the outer layer of protection down and you need to renew it daily. It is like ablative armour. This means that anytone attacking will blast off a piece of where they attacked you back in his own face. That could be a spirit or a natural person. Therefore you need to renew it by speaking it. The words of your mouth with faith has creation power and being obedient to the Spirit of YHWH guarantees the outcome.

If it does not make sense initially it will later once you put it on daily and notice the difference it makes in your life and those you pray it on. What Christians agree on: You will experience better spiritual stability, have better moods over time, be anxious fewer times, be calmer over time, feel more secure/protected and experience less accidents and hear better from God. (The latter is a direct result of protection the Armour gives you and the angels assigned to you, explains Rebecca Brown.)

Have I mentioned that you actually become more obedient? If you make an effort with anything Biblical it affects your willingness.

Ok, here is the list I normally do, but sometimes I changed my additions or add even more. Those not in Ephesians 6 have relevant scriptures listed next to them.

Belt of Truth

Breastplate of Righteousness

Helmet of Salvation

Boots of Willingness for the Gospel

Leg guards of Goodness and Mercy (Ps 23)

Arm guards of the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5)

Gloves of Holiness (1 Tim 2:8)

Shield of Faith

Sword of the Spirit

Thank you for taking the time to study this important institution of God. Spread the Truth about it. Ignore that lie of the devil saying it is just a metaphor, and you really just need it in your heart and mind. This stuff is real and those who use it will definitely benefit. Feel free to contact me. Shalom!

My footsteps are ordained by my Dad

Psalm 37 has special meaning to me. In 2009, my most challenging year, I was at such a low point, I couldn’t read my bible as it hurt too much. Every promise and blessing felt like an eternity away. Then, my spiritual father of that time and a spiritual mother not related to him both gave me Psalm 37. For five weeks I only read that, being a single thread my life depended on.

Yet, I’ve learnt more from this Psalm after the fact. I have seen in practice how King Jesus could and would lead my footsteps without me even realizing, as stated in verse 23.  As always, the bible confirms itself, herewith in Proverbs 20:24.

This is when you may find yourself in the right spot at a certain time, being at a place just in time for something important,  meeting someone needing you at the same time as they arrive, or just bringing a message fitting in perfectly with another Christian.

In our church we pastors never talk to each other about what we are going to preach next, but the Holy Spirit always leads us with messages fitting in perfectly with each other.

It is a common occurrence for me now to be at the right time in the right place. It can be for you too. So, how do I make this happen, you may ask.

Firstly, surrender to the Holy Spirit. It starts with a decision. Then you remind yourself to be sensitive to how He would lead you. Be calm inside, let go of your own schemes and resign to the fact that God may lead you sovereignly.

Ask Him about all the big decisions, but also the small ones. Even if you want a new pair of shoes or jeans, ask, wait and let God lead you at the right time. You may just walk into the right shop, get the perfect fitting item and on special. This is what leading your footsteps are. (Wow, it happened again the day after I posted this for the first time.)

You may just walk into the right person who can open up doors for your future you’ve been praying about so long.

But God also expects you to make good habits, like going to a church every weekend, to pay your tithe every month, to bless and give to others joyfully. How can we expect Him to bless us, if we have a closed hand?

Our humulity and willingness to submit and be led will determine the speed we proceed with. The more I give and surrender the more I will be led.  Once you see it in practise the more you will want to continue. It becomes simple.

Then you peace increases,  because you know you can trust the Holy Spirit and those around you start to befenit. It is a win-win situation.

So, pray and ask King Jesus today to help you to start this journey today, to lead you, to show you and for the courage not to give up at any time. Join mature Christians, to guide you along the way as well.

Be blessed.



The Seven Cross Words of Jesus

Christians around the world celebrate Passover, which is the foundation of our faith.  God, as his Son, Jesus (Yeshua), came to give his life for us all, so that we may have eternal Life.  This is the biggest act of Love that has even been done.

Why?  Because the God, who created heaven and earth did not reject the first couple (Adam and Eve), when they were disobedient and fell into separation from the Perfect Holy One. So I hope to let you know a bit of the Character that King Jesus has, and how gentle and loving He really is.  Well, no words of a human could ever describe Him, because we just cannot comprehend how He really is.  We can only experience His love in an ongoing relationship.

First Words: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Just imagine if you were in His shoes.  This teeny weeny little planet with the tiny nation of the Jews, His people, had the audacity to reject him; for the pharisees to think they were better than Him.  He taught them, He performed miracles and He showed love and yet their own God was not welcome.  Instead, they put Him through the most horrible death experience that was ever invented – crucifixion.  Yet, the first thing He said on the cross, was to release forgiveness.

For the child of God, we know that this is the way to deal with others who have done us harm.  We have to forgive.  Note that in Matthew 6 Jesus said that if we do not forgive we will not be forgiven.  No matter what people did to you, they have done far worse to the Innocent Man on the Cross.

Second:  “Today you will be with me in Paradise.”

When the criminals were hanging next to Him, the one had a bitter heart and the other acknowledge his guilt.  Nowhere did Jesus condemn them, but He showed mercy to the one who came and humbled himself.  “Lord, I am guilty, I sinned, I deserve death.  You are the Innocent One who die for me.”  This was his attitude.

King Jesus, the Love Himself, always responds positively to a humbled heart who comes to Him.  I think that the humbled criminal had been watching Jesus from a distance.  Not knowing how to get out of this wrong lifestyle he ended up being caught and convicted.  He knew that life was over for him and that he will go to hell.  Yet, he discovered that God’s grace was sufficient and that the helping Hand would not drop him.

Third:  “Woman, behold your son.  Son, behold your mother”

Even on the cross, King Jesus was putting things in place.  Even in agony, He did what was right, by giving John to his mother.

If we were there, we would have asked Jesus three days before whether He had His last will and testament in order.  But, God does things according to his timeline.  He knew He would be crucified, but this last step He did at the right time.  You see, after you ask for forgiveness, God will put things in order in your life.

Fourth:  “My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?”

There was a moment when Father God could not bare the sight of his Son on the cross and turned His head away, crying.  As He is God turning his back released all his anger and judgement on the Perfect One, so that the job would be complete.

Jesus took the full price for you and me.  No one can come to Father God without the Cross.

Fifth: “I thirst”

To take the sin of mankind He had to become mankind.  As one of us He took all of the weight for us.  He knows what it is to feel pain, to feel your anguish and to heartsore.  Isaiah 53 came into fullfilment.

This is why you and I can climb on our Daddy’s lap and tell us of our day.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  He is compassionate and understands everything you are going through.

Sixth: “It is finished”

The job has been completed.  The fullness of his pain and suffering, and every scripture written about Him in advance, had come into fulfillment.  The bible is complete.  The Faith has been established.  No one can change it hereafter.

There is one one God who can bring Eternal Life.  Will you accept Him today?

Seventh: “Into Your hands I comment My Spirit”

I always wondered by Jesus said this, after He said it was finished, until He revealed to me that these were the words of the Resurrection.  It was the end, but it was also the beginning.  The resurrection of Christ is what counts, a new Life is how the story goes on.  The crucifixion was the end, but the resurrection is our beginning.

Now, please pray, where you are and ask King Jesus into your heart.  So that you can also have a new beginning.  It is worth it.

SA! God’s says, “I’ve got this!”

On a day of a turning point in SA, we need to remember that He is still in control.

“God’s rhema is always simple. In Isaiah 55:8 I say that My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts. None of you have any idea how big My plans are.

You can survive the coming times, but you need to be Spirit-filled. JHWH wants you to be careful of not giving up, to keep on believing. Therefore, you need to be careful and fear God in everything we do.

There is a direct spiritual link between this message and the SA Day of Remembrance, 21 April 2017 (Referring to It’s Time event, organized by Uncle Angus Buchan).

You must speak up. My children, you must recognize all things for their spiritual nature. When I instruct you to do something at BREAKPOINT, you must act.

You need to decide to think those things above and not on the earth. Decide no compromises from now on!

I love you,
You father, Jesus”

For the full message please click on the sermons page and read the sermon released today, which was given 12 March 2017 in our church, Beulah Ministries Touching Jesus in Uitenhage.

People for Your Future

One of the most known facts in the bible is how David and Jonathan loved each other.  Right after David won the battle with Goliath the bible speaks about their relationship.

Read 1 Sam 18, 1 Sam 19:2-6, 1 Sam 20:41-42.

Today some has suggested that they had a homosexual relationship, but this is not the case, because God would not say in some scriptures that He is against homosexual sex and in another scripture point out the same as being good.  God is holy, He is consistent and He is royal.

Jonathan was a gift God gave David to prepare him for his kingship.  David was about 15 years old and Jonathan was 42. They were more like father and son.

Remember that when Samuel had to annoint a new king Jesse didn’t bother to call David to the meeting? (1 Sam 16)  David also wrote in Psalm 27 that his parents left him. This was the only thing he ever said about their relationship. Jonathan loved David as his own and the latter really appreciated the fatherly attention he never got.

Jonathan recognized that David had it in him to be the next king, something that the nation needed. Jonathan was sharp in the spirit and a real child of God, which is why he loved David like his own son and prepared him for his future.

For 14 years Jonathan trained David daily guidance in how to act in the royal court and how to fight.

Surely David fought Goliath with a slingshot, but there was a time to grow up and take the sword. Jonathan trained David with his own sword he gave him.

You and I have Jonathans in our lives, the spiritual parents, brothers and sisters to let us grow up. When God gave Jonathan to David as a gift he grabbed his gift with open arms and committed without restraint. David was eager to commit with a covenant, because a loving prince has picked him up and drew him in.

Jonathan protected David, vouched for him. He guided him, gave him advice and strengthened him.

God has given you Jonathans too, so do you commit to them? Are you obedient or do you complain and be naughty behind their backs?  Do you listen to the authority God gave you as a gift?

Read 1 Cor 4:6-16.

Every parent knows that you need to make many sacrifices for your children, that it often goes unnoticed, unrewarded. Just like the apostle Paul did Jonathan as the senior one pay a big price to let those under them grow and advance. Jonathan was supposed to be the next king, yet he did not hate David for receiving the kingship from God.  Jonathan submitted to God and did his best to help God’s nation to get what they needed.

The ultimate price, the biggest one by far, was paid by the One who had to sacrifice the most, King Jesus.   He gave it all so that we could live, could excel and let others be saved too.

God gave a prince to David to teach him with intense love.  King Jesus gives his children, princes and princesses to you and me to let us grow into victory and to rule in our day and age. We are to rule over nature, over the spiritual and also in the natural. Yes, we are to rule in our communities, our city and our nation.  It starts in the spiritual and flows over to the natural.

We want God to bless us, but we often do not see that God’s way of living is the opposite of the world. The world models after Satan, which is try to take what is not yours and coerce, manipulate, lie, steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10.

If we want to grow, we need to grow up as well. 1 Pet 5:1-8. 1 Joh 2:12-14.

When we grow up we need to become the fathers and mothers to others. Like a natural parent this also comes with sacrifices, sometimes unnoticed and without reward.

David was very thankful for the man God put in his life to teach and love him. We need to have the gratitude like David. We can only be successful if we are obedient. Remember the 5th commandment, because this applies to your spiritual parents and all other authority God placed over you.

To honour your physical and spiritual parents are both requirements for prosperity, to enter into your promised land. This is the promise for possession, freedom, peace and multiplication.

God wants us to prosper, it is all over the bible. You can read a favourite here, Jer 29:11.  Let us stand up and take our stance as children of God, as obedient sons and daughters of the house.

In Deut 28 there are blessings and curses and we need to take note of both, because we do not preach a prosperity gospel.  Yet, for today, I release the positive over you, so go read these blessing now over yourself and take your life on with a renewed positive attitude.

Bold like Daniel

In Daniel 1 we read about the Southern state of Juda being captured and then that the young noble men and boys were taken to serve a foreign pagan king.

Can you imagine how it must have felt to lose everything, to be taken away from your country to a foreign place of despicable acts and defilement?  Can you image families being torn apart, beaten, people tied together and having to walk in the scorching heat with blistering heels, hungry, thirsty and not sure if they would last another day?

Yet, what we read about Daniel trying to persuade his new masters not to eat unholy food, was a young man with sober thoughts.  He could have sunk sulking about his losses, about God rejecting him, but such is not mentioned.  Today many people would have blamed God for actually carrying out the judgement He prophesied, yet Daniel’s heart was right with God.  He was a principled young man, who was not bothered about being politically correct, not living in fear and also not quitting after his request was first denied.

Even though He knew that God had punished Israel he did not sulk saying God had left them, his actions actually showed that of someone who was very confident in God’s protection and blessings.  It was like this whole thing of losing his promised land didn’t get to him.  He was taken from his parents, yet showed no hatred towards the Babylonians.

Surely his peers were putting pressure on him to comply, to be obedient, to forget about Israel and just to fit in, not to be killed or having all of them punished for his so-called resistance to change.

We only need to think a bit what it would have been like to realize how amazing this young man was, but if Daniel didn’t have this attitude there would not have been a book about him in the bible.  Instead, three other young men came to him and joined in a common cause of honouring God despite all else.

We know how that story ends – God honoured them in return and gave them more wisdom, knowledge and insight above all else.  Surely some of their peers were jealous of them.

There is a Daniel 3, that followed the earlier victory of Daniel 1.  Here beloved brother Daniel was probably not around as only Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego has been challenged.  These young men were greatly envied, for the respect they have received from the court, for the financial benefits they enjoyed and the status in society.  Yet, the tale shows exactly the same integrity as children of the Living God, as it was earlier.

Surely they were warned once again by their fellow citizens not to go against the king, to be politically correct for the sake of society and the remaining Jews.  Can you imagine the shock it sent through the civil service that these young men were refusing to honour the king?  Boldly they told Nebuchadnezzar that they would not worship him, that even if they would be killed it would not make a difference.

And again God honoured them and bestowed more power onto them and honouring their God as the supreme Being in the universe.

The problem today is that we are not taught to be bold for our faith, to stand firm on biblical principles.  “You can worship God quietly”, or “Do not preach this or that”.  Will the preachers of today stand like this?  Would the church members have more guts than the board or preacher perhaps?

In our country, South Africa, the judges are addressed as “Your worship”, which was part of the communistic agenda.  I think this is blasphemy – against the 1st Commandment. How about preaching against topics like false religions, of warped morals and speak out against evil?  Is it so important to be politically correct that the church became useless to protect the new generation against the daily attacks? Why are our churches full of broken homes even more than the world?  Why are Christians sometimes being branded as bad for business, instead of people having reverence for the children of God being Unashamedly Ethical?

What about speaking against injustice and judgement, about repentance and submission, about taking up your cross?

Young people do not want political correctness from the previous generation, they need something to believe in.  They are not stupid and can figure out who has substance and who not.  They need us to show the way, how to fear God, to be strong and courageous.

It starts with a decision today, perhaps a repentance of past mistakes. It is OK to be scared, but vital to fear God more.

In recent times every time the enemy attacked and stole from me God has given me back more. Daniel 1, 3 and the whole book of Job is there to show you it has always been his way.  So, you don’t have to fear. Even if you would be killed for your faith, nothing in this earth can every compare to eternity in God’s presence.  May God make us strong like those four youngsters in the book of Daniel!

Like Elijah, Ahab and the Baal priests…

South Africa is at cross roads.

Our country is in a spiritual and moral disaray as never seen before.  Our government is divided, our cabinet in turmoil.  Rape, murder and lawlessness is part of daily life.  There is no milk and honey for the large poor majority, and people do not know what will come of them.

This is the result of liberal and self-centered forces that has eroded our Christian heritage.  What these arrogant decision makers forget is that without God we are nothing.  Prosperity was not stolen from anyone 300, 400 years ago – it was by grace of God: hard work and unified obedience to God and country that brought it around.

It is simple – the blessings and curses are stated in Deut 28-30.  Ancient Israel has given us a biblical record of how to and how not to do it.  God has put the bible there for our own good.

Now, today we find ourselves where King Jesus is his abundant grace has set out a special day for the Christians in South Africa (and all others) to attend a day of atonement.  It is in Bloemfontein, the geographical center of the country.  It is exactly 5×40 days after Rosh Hashanna, His New Year.  It is facilitated with the greatest evangelist, uncle Angus.

It is like Elijah, king Ahab and the Baal priests at Mount Carmel.

Please be there, because this is the most important day in modern times for our country.


B. Armoury of God

(You need to read A. Armour of God first.  Just scroll down past this post.)

We have a number of weapons as children of God.  Each one is powerful and just like in the natural world you would use a weapon for a specific situation.  The only way to know exactly what to use is to be totally Spirit-filled.  This means that when you enter a situation of conflict, either natural or spiritual (e.g. prayer, intercession), then you first need to get into a state where you focus on God, open up your heart to the Holy Spirit and to submit to his gentle love and care.

“My people perish for a lack of knowledge”.  Hosea 4:6 – we all know this and know it is true.  You ask what knowledge and what must I do?  Here is part of the answer.  Please study and equip yourself.  Let others know too.

In no particular order, let us look at some weapons.  Please remember that the spiritual realm can be very different from the natural realm, so some things can be a powerful weapon in the spiritual, but otherwise seem illogical as a weapon in the natural.  One example is Love.

  1.  Love is a powerful weapon and let me explain why:  When there are demons provoking someone to do you harm, or to hurt a relationship, then it is expected that you would react in a certain way based on anger.  Within seconds the situation escalates and a fight breaks out.  You might think that when this is between two people that they are just immature, but do not forget that provokation and reaction is equally rampant in politics and during war.  Do not shrug this off – people can die!  Each one that dies and goes to hell is a gain for satan and a loss to the Kingdom.  Each one that gets killed in a rage leaves suffering loved ones behind.  Each victim of emotional hurt may be driven away from a loving God.  So, Love can deescalate a situation quickly.  Love can also lift up a broken spirit, e.g. preventing someone from suicide.
  2. The Word of God – the sword of the spirit it is called in Eph 6.  The Word of God can stop a lie in its tracks.  A word of the Holy Spirit can calm the nerves, i.e. to drive out fear and to bring courage. You can surely think of many more examples.  The important thing here to remember is that it is not about head knowledge, but to be filled with the Spirit, so that you would know exactly which bible verse to refer to in which situation.  You can only get this 100% correct if you are filled by God’s Spirit, otherwise your answers will be religious.  Religion brings bondage, but the Spirit-filled Word of God brings life into a being.
  3. Truth – The truth shall surely set you free.   The truth never needs to explain itself, it is either accepted or rejected.  When you bring truth and it is not accepted you can surely explain how it all works if you wish, but most importantly is just to mention what the consequences are should the person not listen.  I believe that every person knows when they hear the truth, that it is the truth, whether they choose to accept or reject it.  So, do not explain the truth, it speaks for itself.  The disobedient will find out the hard way and the wise will quickly learn that they have escaped calamity in time.
  4. The Name of Jesus, the Christ.  Everything we command is in the Name of King Jesus.  There is only one Name that is above all else and every demon has to bend his knee before this Name.  Deliverance can only ever work by using the precious Name of Jesus.  As his children God allows us to drive out demons and to command change in the spiritual and natural in the Name of Jesus the Christ.   All power and might was given to Him as he rose from the dead, ref. Matt 28:18 and Mark 16:17.
  5. Faith:  Like Love, Faith may not be obvious as a weapon, but it is a great neutralizer for the effects of fear and doubt.  Doubt and lies are still the enemy’s strongest weapons and faith works like a neutralizing spray getting rid of bad odours.  At the end you only smell the roses of the neutralizing spray. 🙂  Fear and doubt just disappears before the cloud of faith.  This is why you need to build up your faith with a cloud of witnesses in the Kingdom.
  6. Prayer:  This one is the enemy’s biggest fear.  You as a child of God can pray anything, as long as it is in the will of God.  As we enjoy freedom the opportunities are vast.  True that some prayers are more effective than others and here is where you need to grow in your relationship with the King. As you get closed to Him your prayers will get closer to the target until they are usually spot on.  To pray is to ask, to plead and to do intercession.  Eze 22:30-31 explains how a just God was looking for an intercessor to stand in the gap for Israel, but there was nobody.  You and I need to take things seriously!  You praying may be like an attorney standing in the Courtroom before a Consuming Fire and your intercession may save lives from destruction and a community from being thrown into the sea of forgetfulness. Your intercession may change God’s mind, like what Abraham did in Gen 18:20-33.  Tread carefully, but do not neglect your responsibility!
  7. Action (Acts of Faith): Have you seen a bad situation and then one day someone does something seemingly small which snowballs into a major liberation?  This is not that uncommon.  To look at the big things is memorial, like Martin Luther starting the Reformation by hammering his 95 thesis against the Wittenberg Castle Church 500 years ago.  This act was like a bomb exploding in the spiritual.  Think of Martin Luther King in America and the Mighty Mens Conferences here in South Africa.  An Act of Faith is like dropping a bomb – it releases tremendous power in a short time.  A good biblical example was when David walked onto the battle field to face Goliath.  It started with his decision to address what is wrong.  Then he got filled by the Holy Spirit with supernatural courage and strength and whilst hardened soldiers almost wet their pants from fear a boy walked out to fight with no fear at all.  It always starts with that decision of doing the right thing ignoring scary consequences should things go wrong.  Sometimes it also mean of changing a bad situation or speaking a change of direction.  Speaking in Jesus Name is not prayer, it is taking an action on behalf of the Living God.  David made a habit of this and God loved him for that. I once stated to a dear young man “On behalf of..(his late father)..I apologize for…” and as I said it I saw an explosion in the spiritual.  For a split second my eyes opened and I could see angels and demons there on the beach and all of them looked at me for that moment being startled.  It was an explosion of God’s power.  Instead of criticism, complaining and speaking death, change your thinking and speak life into the situation and over the guilty party.  Speak it such as if you are creating a new reality.  God has created the universe with speech and we as his children can also do this, to a level of power in the tongue each one can be trusted with.

This post was long, but please study this as with the knowledge of God and his Word you can save many lives and prevent much spiritual decay.

A. Armour of God

As soldiers of God we cannot speak out on what is going on in the battle field in the heat of the battle, hence sometimes I won’t publish posts on this blog.  So, it actually mean that much is going on when I am quiet here.

I had to learn that the hard way – if you talk too much you can open up doors to the enemy and end up in unnecessary conflict or spiritual battles.  Even worse, if you speak out about an outcome or change in circumstances your words can help the devil to prevent or delay your victory.  How this works is that your words release a situation, a revelation or just exposes you in the spiritual realm with its numerous dimensions.  God has placed these dimensions to protect you and a big mouth causes you harm.  this is why mature Christians will speak less about situations and only address things as necessary.

Likewise God has given us the instruction to add an armour to ourselves for protection.  If you do not pray for your own protection you will be affected more with each attack.  You can find yourself for example reacting with anger to someone pushing your buttons, whereas you would have responded better if you had your armour on and being in a spiritual mindset.

Yes, this is correct, the armour of God we read about in Ephesians 6 is a model of what to do.  This is a well-known passage Eph 6:10-18 and you need to do this every day.

We need to understand that the armour does not work on its own, because verse 10 states “be strong”.  Can I add “…and of good courage”?  We ought to grow and get closer to God, so that we become stronger and gain confidence and courage.

Secondly, verse 18 reminds us to pray all time.  If you can pray with a humble heart it will be easy to kneel down – that special condition of power and esteem in the Kingdom of God – yeh, on your knees!

Then, one more thing.  To put the armour on according to this model is about being practical, not a ritual.  And to prove this is to see that in 1 Thes 5 Paul actually changed the outfit.  So, yes, if the Holy Spirit leads you to change something it is OK.  God cannot be put in a box.

Since we as children of God are not religious we still put on the armour everyday because we are responsible and practical.  We also do this out of obedience because Daddy said so and He will always wants the best for us.

So, here is the armour I put on everyday, which King Jesus told me to put on.  I give this to you, so that you can look at this with new eyes and think broader than the same old rhetoric you heard in the past:

Belt of Truth (King Jesus is the Truth for me);   Breastplate of Righteousness;   Boots of Willingness;  Leg Guards called Goodness (left) and Mercy (right);  Arm guards of the Fruit of the Spirit;  Gloves of Holiness;  Helmet of Salvation;  Shield of Faith.

And then the first line weapon of choice is still the Sword of the Spirit (Word of God).

Yes, the Lord has shown me what this all look like and I was surprised that it was not like an old Roman outfit, but that I rather looked dressed like a modern day soldier. The colour was shiny charcoal, except for the sword, which has a fancy golden handle and glowing fiery silver blade.  I would guess the blade is about 90cm long.

It is not an issue if you have not seen yourself all dressed up, one day you will.  What is more important is what you do with it all.