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Welcome to the Identity Christian Journey Course website!

This course is  fundamental bible based foundation for the Christian, suitable to most denominations.  It was designed for cell groups (also called “care groups” or “family groups”).  It is names Identity as it focuses on helping the student to find his/her Identity, as God has purposed it to be.  You will not find worn out sermons here of same old topics you got tired of.  ICJ is an exiting and revelatory journey to learn how to think and act like a child of God really should, to get to know God as your Father.  Daily!

To have a close relationship with Jesus is not for people in long funny robes, nerds, monks or people with no idea of fun and joy.  Neither is God Santa Clause or a crutch, because He is holy.  If you want to enter heaven you need to have an intimate relationship with Him first – here you can learn what God is like and how to relate to Him PERSONALLY.  It is my passion for you to get free from your past, to start again and to learn things the right way for these modern times.  Please read Isaiah 61 – it is the basis of this ministry.

The course contains an Introduction topic – the modern trend of fatherlessness.  The solution is also provided, as we have a loving Father.  Learn the essence of discipleship through the journey of studying 24 diverse topics to lay a decent foundation.  The course takes about 6-8 months to complete, hence it is suitable for home church / cell groups for a full year.  The worksheets are available free of charge from the Downloads page.

Please find the electronic version of the guide from the links here:

Identity Christian Journey Level 1    Identiteit Christelike Reis Vlak 1

ICJ Guide and Worksheets

Currently you may order hard copies by contacting the author at a price of (South African Rands) R75 for churches (bundles) or R95 for individuals, shipping excluded.

Contact details:

Contact details


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