Friends, here are some sermons for you to learn Truths in the bible, often unheard of in churches.  If you are in the vicinity of Uitenhage, South Africa, you are welcome to join us at Beulah Ministries Touching Jesus, opposite the SARS building Sundays.


Children of God have the power to be a spiritual portal.  We release Living Water straight from the Throne of God. Be God’s Portal 3 Sep 2017

As South Africa reaches a turning point with a special vote on 8 August, God asked me to release this message which was preached on 12 March.  Now, the message is not about what happens in parliament, but the outcome thereof today needs to point us to the specific Word given already.  The important day here is the South African Day of Remembrance, 22 April 2017, when God’s child, uncle Angus Buchan, called all South Africans to pray and atone for the sins of the nations of South Africa.  Here is the full message: God says I’ve got this – sermon 12-Mar-17 – released 8-Aug-17

The Lord has released Portugal for an awakening after more than 500 years.  Read why and how this amazing change happens. Revival to Portugal Report June 2017

Have you felt hopeless?  Are you entangled in fear and doubt, devastation of losing your spouse or a loved one?  We need to remember that God is in control.  This is not an easy message as it follows the previous ones and some are not recorded on this page.  But, you will find strength to carry on here.  Just when you thought it was all over.

Below is a series of messages for 2017.  Through the Lord’s grace it is a pleasure for senior pastor Doreen Kitching and myself to bring these messages full of God’s glory and power.

WARNING!  These messages are very powerful and will change your life!

4. A-Key-to-Blessings-and-Prosperity-29012017

3. Pointer-towards-Eagle-as-Example-for-us-as-Children-of-King-Jesus-22012017

2.  Message-of-Holy-Spirit-to-his-People-15-jan-2017

1. A-Message-to-Start-2017



Through science we have a way to look at the moment of creation.  This shows the power of speech of God’s children, but we need to pull out the stops of our faith to be able to stand in the End Times, when the world becomes deceived and hostile to Christian principles.  Pull out the stops to your faith 16 Oct ’16. 

The Aaronic blessing is an integral part of our weekly service.  This is a treasure chest as explained by brother Cheslyn Spochter.  The Aaronic Blessing 20 Aug ’16

King David had a beautiful attitude towards people and God blessed him dearly.  His actions are challenging to the rest of us, to check ourselves.   King David the Community Man 14 Aug 2016

An advance way to bring about change in a situation through: Prophetic Acts of Faith 10 April 2016

Jou twee hande werk saam soos twee beginsels in die bybel, wat vir jou ‘n voorspoedige toekoms bring. Leer hiervan met Linkerhand Regterhand preek webblad 20 Maart 2016



Hier is goeie motivering vir jou vir die seisoensverandering wat ons beleef net na die 2015 Rosh Hashanah.  Onthou dat God werk op sy almenak en nie die Gregoriaanse weergawe nie.  Diens 8 Nov 2015 seisoensverandering

Understand how Jesus forms you into his own image at both from your front and your back – The R5 sermon  (This is a very powerful message and a must for all Christians.)

Reeks van drie oor die gawes van die Gees, bedieninge en persoonlikhede en die 5-voudige ampte in die Liggaam:  Die 9 Gawes van die Heilige Gees,       Die bedieningsgawes en persoonlikhede,       Die 5 ampte in die Liggaam

A message for the End Times, await the rapture of King Jesus, when He comes to fetch his bride.   The ancient Hebrew Wedding and the Rapture